Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide

Louisiana fly fishing guide is in full swing with the water temperatures getting to where they need to be and the bull redfish are inside. The water is clean and low and I wouldn’t rather be guiding anywhere in the world the next 4 months. I see so many unique situations as a Louisiana Fly Fishing Guide that I love sharing with my clients and truly worth the trip for any angler at any skill level. My new Chittum skiff has proven to be invaluable and the greatest tool I have ever owned. It goes through some rough chop better than any skiff I have ever seen, but floats in shallow enough water to get into smaller redfish in the marsh. The spider cage line management system is a real hit and great for those windy days fly fishing as well as keeping my angler fresh all day being able to sit and stand sporadically.
I’m looking to have good fishing continue to get better with more bulls moving in everyday and better water. I have a lot of random dates open that I would not usually have due to Covid so drop me a line if you are looking for a Louisiana fly fishing guide!
Cheers and I look forward to fishing with new and past clients alike.


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