Giant Black Drum

Fly Fishing for Giant Black Drum

Fly fishing for Giant Black Drum is one of the coolest winter time fly fishing targets. Black Drum also know as Swamp Donkeys! are pretty amazing fish and pretty big fish that eat little flies. They can been seen tailing on the edge or floating off the edge waiting to hammer andy shrimp or crab pattern available. They fight light giant anchors and are one of the coolest pictures with this gulf dinosaur laid across your lap! These fish will have a white glow when you see them in the water column and want a fly just falling in front of them and with quickly vacuum it up! When you figure out how to fly fish for giant black drum it can be some of the most productive sight casting in Louisiana. Giant Black Drum do not want to chase down a fly rather they want to pick up a crab or shrimp laying on the bottom. Casting out in front of the fish and stripping it by them will not be productive as with most gulf species. These fish want it right in front of them and maybe a small twitch to get their attention and then vacuum it up off the bottom. It seems like the cloudy/rainy days that you can’t see in the water brings these giants out of the deeper channels and bays. They can be seen tailing, backing or just glowing in shallow water. Sometimes when fly fishing for giant black drum they will give you multiple shots at them undisturbed and will finally eat when he sees it just right. I have caught giant black drum over 40lbs in just 6 inches of water. I love fly fishing for giant black drum. Call me for more information on how to target this unique Louisiana Marsh species.

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Fly Fishing for Giant Black Drum


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