FALL Tarpon Run

Due to the devastating Hurricane Ida my family and I had to evacuate the gulf coast and I am back guiding in FL after a couple weeks of volunteer work in Louisiana helping with cleanup and relief help with our local church community. I have been guid g the Everglades for the past week and while I wish I was chasing bulls in the marsh it is so great to get to hook a few southbound tarpon in the Glades! It’s a beautiful time to be here- just cooling off a bit in the mornings and no one fishing these tarpon. Unlike some days for the spring migration every fish you see and get a good shot in front of usually gives us a bite. Check out this video of me on a day off with a guide buddy jumping one almost in the boat!! I have another week of guided trips down here in Flamingo and glad to day the much needed power got restored to our beautiful bayou and I will continue our season in the marsh. I do have someOpenings for January and February there as well as a few sought after March days in The Everglades for Tarpon.
If you are looking for a Naples Fly Fishing Guide give me a call and I will set you up! If you are looking for a Everglades Fly Fishing Guide give me a call and I will set you up!
I look forward to a great Louisiana fly fishing season.
Have fun!


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