Fall fishing

Fall fishing has been on fire now that the water temps have dropped we have been getting them on flies when the light is right and on plug rods when we have some cloud coverage. I make my living sight casting to all types of fish from Fl to LA when the conditions are good enough. When the conditions go south I am the first one to suggest some plug fishing! Well rounded anglers should welcome the tuff weather with picking up some spin gear, this can turn a tuff day on the flats into an unbelievable unforgettable experience. I was just talking about it with my children on “why we live to fish” we love to fish because we are out in nature and getting to see a fish that we would not normally get to see on land, that’s why we have evolved into sight casting but at the root of it we want to touch or hold that fish that we could not normally even see. Fish are so cool to look at and especially watch when they do not know we are watching them in their environments. I don’t care how I get these giant bulls half the time with them being the biggest redfish in the world I will take them any way I can get them! Plug fishing can be super exciting especially when comparing it to a tuff day of gettings skunked on the fly when it is blown out! I have some great Jan dates if you are looking for a Louisiana fly fishing guide give me a call!
I look forward to it


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